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[27 Sep 2011 | 35 Comments | ]
Wholewheat Chocolate Filled Croissants – A Delight to Bake

There are some recipes which never make to my wish list, Croissant being one among them. Tons of layers of butter and white flour simply does not motivate me to try these baked goodies at home. And we often end up in buying the same off the shelves from a nearby bakery for my children who love these crisp bakes. I almost brushed off this month’s Daring Bakers challenge aside when I saw Croissants on it, but thanks to Sarah who prompted me to bake them at home with her easy recipe presentation.

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[24 Jul 2011 | 37 Comments | ]
Awesome Food Bloggers and Their Healthy-Living Secrets –  Spaghetti with Eggplant, Basil, & Breadcrumbs and a Guest Post from Faith

From seducing your taste buds and letting your gastronomic juices overflow to enticing you with those delectable recipes on their blogs, they have done all this and more for long. And just when you thought you were going strong this time with your diet plans they make you go weak on your knees with those stunning food pictures of multi layered double cream frosted chocolate cake on their blog.

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[1 Jul 2011 | 29 Comments | ]
Wholewheat & Cornmeal Goji Berry Scones – A Healthy Treat

“Madam we have a few exciting and new organic products on shelf this month” greeted the man in the shop. “Thanks shall check it out” was my quick & meek reply to the much baffled salesman and he understood that I wanted to be left alone during one of my monthly visits to the health stores nearby.

Never did I know that I was in for a surprise, yes I spotted Goji Berries! I looked at the salesman who was probably a bit upset with my reply and smiled. Yes, I am holding one of the most nutritious and powerful super foods in the world – Goji Berries!

And from the day I got my hands on these wonder foods, I am on a ‘Goji spree’. It is as if I want to make up for all that I lost for so many years without these berries.

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[3 Jun 2011 | 49 Comments | ]
Minty Cottage Cheese & Spicy Garlic Indian Flat Breads

Time flies when you are enjoying what you are doing and doing what you enjoy the most. And I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation at my native Udaipur. Learned to cook a few authentic recipes from mom, visited all the historical places which were in my wish list for long and most important met many of my schoolmates after almost 30 years!

Mom made these two versions of Stuffed flat breads or Parathas for my travel food. My kids dislike air travel and given a choice would always prefer trains over flights. They love to watch green fields, rivers, animals and villages over the dull and gray clouds 🙂 so I booked for the flight for one way and came back by train.

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[23 May 2011 | 46 Comments | ]
Wholewheat Spicy Buns Baked in Leaves and A Walk in The Past

Foods that we grow up eating and places we visit with friends and parents when young, makes us nostalgic and brings back childhood memories. Holidaying at my maternal home is the time me and my kids look forward to year after year. A daily ritual of morning walk to the lakeside, playing in the beautiful gardens scattered all around my house and freaking out on all those lip smacking tangy snacks on roadside, life is bliss!

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[12 Apr 2011 | 37 Comments | ]
Wholewheat Mini Pears Pie with Cinnamon and Palm Sugar

The unexpected guests who were allergic to cream, condensed milk & eggs, made me bake these mini pears pie, and I am delighted I did the same! Else dessert is normally a frosted cake or fresh fruits with cream. And this time I thought of making a pie with pears instead of the ubiquitous Apples and bake them in individual mini tarts. Quite easy to assemble, these Mini Pears Pie also give more crust to bite upon than the single crust pies.

The uneven look of the pie crust is due to the hard dough which almost crumbled when I lined the moulds. But then the result is a very delightful pie with a crisp base and a soft filling of red pear. Cinnamon and palm sugar combo give the extra flavors and healthy touch to this delicious pie .

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[29 Mar 2011 | 24 Comments | ]
Eggless Wheatgerm & Banana Muffins – Healthy Treat Which is Scrumptious too!

Eating healthy meals and including foods which does wonders to your body is no easy task. Our palates are more accustomed to eating what we eat day in and day out. And adding or excluding anything from the regular meal demands a big challenge. The onus invariably falls on the mom to make the recipe more appeasing for her family to at least try out the so called healthy foods. But for these Muffins, I could have never imagined my kids eating wheatgerm and banana which has past its prime! I was really surprised when I saw my kids reaching out for these muffins with a big smile. Chocolate chips were added to deceive them …mission accomplished 🙂

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[1 Mar 2011 | 57 Comments | ]
Wholewheat English Muffins – A Healthy Breakfast treat!

‘I am a Muffin Man’..and here is what I baked, an English Muffin on a griddle! And my daughter never stopped humming the rhyme the whole day with these muffins in her hand 🙂 Ever since I made my healthy Palm sugar Mixed fruit preserve I was thinking of a great accompaniment to supplement it. And what better than a hot whole-wheat English Muffins right from the griddle.

Unlike the oven baked muffins with leavening agents, these English muffins baked with yeast are extremely light and soft in texture. These are actually quick-baking breads and make a good breakfast when smeared with butter, honey or fruit preserves. These are generally made in small portions and are generally not very sweet and are devoid of frosting. Made in flat circular shape these muffins are traditionally split open with a fork and served with hot butter with tea.

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[17 Feb 2011 | 43 Comments | ]
Cinnamon rolls – A Healthy Twist with Palm Sugar, honey and walnuts

Cinnamon rolls are a very common breakfast feast in many European counties. A soft and flavorful yeast bun/roll I would love to munch upon any time of the day. Though the lazy & the busy will find it a bit tough nut to crack, which includes me too 🙂 As the resting hours are really intimidating and test your patience levels to the full! But the end results are sure to make you ecstatic.

To make these cinnamon rolls loaded with nutrients I added Palm sugar instead of the regular white sugar. Honey, walnuts, cinnamon and wholewheat are the other contestants fighting for their place in the health chart of these cinnamon rolls. Palm sugar gave a very caramelized and lovely flavors to the rolls.

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[1 Feb 2011 | 21 Comments | ]
WWC Round up – Wholewheat for Breakfast

No more reasons for skipping a breakfast with all the easy, quick and healthy recipes readers and bloggers have shared for this Wholewheat for Breakfast event WWC on Lite Bite. Thanks everyone for being a part of the event and letting us discover the wonderful cooking from your space.

The next WWC is alive on Siri’s blog, hope to see many more joining the dinning table with her with Brown rice for dinner.

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