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[16 Nov 2010 | 36 Comments | ]
A few Sprigs of Dill and a Baked Pinwheel Snack

Snack time is the most awaited moments on any weekend, time when the whole family sit together and enjoy these small pleasures of life. It is the time when most of us are a bit relaxed and can spend extra hours in our kitchen.

Easy & quick to make these baked Pinwheels made with cheese and Dill is an absolute delight with a hot cup of tea.

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[16 Nov 2010 | 16 Comments | ]
A Flavorful Herb – Dill

Dill is a medicinal herb and an aromatic spice used in many international cuisines. Not very common in many Indian kitchens, Dill is an integral part of Indonesian and Italian cuisine. The very first time most of us get acquainted to Dill is when we were given Dill water to cure colic & digestive problems during infancy. The sweet aroma and taste of Dill water I used to give to my kids still lingers.

Though my mother used Dill sparingly in her cooking, I like the flavor of Dill in many of my baking recipes and other dishes. More so after being introduced to the health benefits associated with this aromatic & appetizing medicinal herb.

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[8 Oct 2010 | 14 Comments | ]
Legumes Made Easy – A Few Sambhar Recipes

Legumes are a healthy and economical way to add extra protein to our diet. And we take pride in the numerous traditional and regional recipes which makes us distinct and special. Be it the sweet Dal from Gujarat, spicy usli from Andhra or Sambhar from Tamil Nadu.

When many readers asked me to post Sambhar vada recipe in Lite Bite, I was a bit hesitant. For Lite Bite is reserved only for healthy recipes and is devoid of any kind of fried dishes. But then my other blog Different Strokes came to my rescue.

So you can find the recipe of vada there and sambhar here 🙂

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[17 Aug 2010 | 53 Comments | ]
Easy Cinnamon Tea-Cake

A piece of cake and a cup of tea will give any evening a perfect start. This Easy Cinnamon Tea Cake is my all time favorite. I love the earthy aroma of cinnamon in my cake, and the coffee adds up the extra zing to the cake. My kids don’t enjoy this delicacy as most of kids do not like coffee and cinnamon flavors. All the more better, I get to indulge in it all by myself, with a few slices spared for my dear hubby 🙂

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[17 Aug 2010 | 7 Comments | ]
Secrets to Spice up Your Recipes – Cinammon

“ It’s the ultimate in good nutrition news, when adding a favorite ingredient increases the health benefits of the foods we’re already enjoying” Said nutrition expert Wendy Bazillian.

And Cinnamon holds this saying true to the last word. Cinnamon is a spice that can act as a medicine too apart from giving aromatic flavors to the cooked dishes.

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[5 Jul 2010 | 17 Comments | ]
Legumes Made Easy – Quick Whole Lentils

Massor dal or Whole lentil is used in various forms of Indian cooking. Soups, snacks and side dishes to name a few. The lentil has a dark Grey outer skin which is de-husked to get the reddish orange variety. Lentils come under the family Legumes, which are an excellent source of protein, rich in soluble fibers and have no cholesterol. These are probably the cheapest source of protein available to us.

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