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[9 Aug 2010 | 28 Comments | ]
Rasgulla – A Delightful Cottage Cheese Delicacy

Rasgullas made from fresh cottage cheese are a real sweet temptation, hard to resist. I consider these delicacies a healthy treat as these are devoid of the other two culprits (oil and refined flour) mainly used to prepare most of the Indian sweets except the sugar.

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[4 Aug 2010 | 32 Comments | ]
Recipe | How to Make Cottage Cheese and a Quick Dessert – Quick Sandesh

Cottage Cheese is probably one of the most versatile man made food products in food industry. Paneer as known in Hindi is widely used in North Indian cuisine and is gaining popularity among the health conscious. It can be easily transformed into numerous recipes including desserts, curries, bread, cakes and what not, giving a peculiar creamy texture to the cooked dish.

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[26 Jul 2010 | 12 Comments | ]
Three Cheers For Curds!

A dietary staple in many parts of the world, Curds or Yogurt is an amusing and accidental discovery for mankind. Curd has been around with us for ages and is used profusely in cooking and for its medicinal properties.

Components: The basic and the most natural form of curd is made with milk, which is curdled using culture (Jaman), and other acidic substances such as lemon and vinegar. Soybean curd which is made by curdling the soy milk is another healthy option.

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[15 Feb 2010 | 5 Comments | ]
Turn to Turmeric

In India turmeric holds the crown in the spice market. Be it any festival, a religious ceremony or for simple health reasons, turmeric is a consistent winner.

A lump of turmeric is always placed in a prayer prior to invoking the deity. The bride & the groom are smeared with turmeric paste before calling for the wed- lock.

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