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[27 Jul 2011 | 53 Comments | ]
Fresh Corn Pudding with Cardamom Flavor – To Whip Out a Decadent dessert Was never so Easy

Be ready to join a Pot luck party in the evening, oh..and please if you can prepare a dessert it would be great” *click and the line got cut. This was my dear hubby who has given me four hours time before I could be ready with the dessert, kids and myself for the evening party. Mom is the last word for me when zillions of cook books and Google searches fail to give a result that is satisfactory. The frenzied search for a Vegan dessert (the host of the party prefer vegan) went futile and I had to call mom for help. Without even taking a moment she suggested I make fresh Corn pudding after confirming that I had corn in my pantry.

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[1 Jul 2011 | 12 Comments | ]
Wonder Food Goji Berries and A Smoothie Recipe

I am on a Goji Spree, yes this wonder berry is omnipresent in all my meals. Goji on my breakfast table with oatmeal porridge, in lunch along with yogurt Kadhi and in dinner too with my pulav recipe! Goji berries which were evading me till date are now proudly occupying the most coveted place in my basket during my monthly trip to the health store.

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[15 Mar 2011 | 12 Comments | ]
Ten Easy and Tangy Salad Dressings to Spice Up Your Salads

Make way for  Salads since summer is here! Versatile, scrumptious and healthy Salads make a refreshing meal in itself.  And making a good salad needs a little bit of knowledge about which oil to use and what kinds of Vinegars would go well. The most common ratio for a perfect salad is one part vinegar to three parts oil, with spices of personal taste.  A good dressing should be mild and not overpowering and should be able to bring out the best of flavours from the vegetables and fruits in it.

Homemade salad dressing add extra zing to the salad, and its quite economical and healthy too, as you can adjust the fats in the dressing according to your taste.

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[1 Mar 2011 | 57 Comments | ]
Wholewheat English Muffins – A Healthy Breakfast treat!

‘I am a Muffin Man’..and here is what I baked, an English Muffin on a griddle! And my daughter never stopped humming the rhyme the whole day with these muffins in her hand 🙂 Ever since I made my healthy Palm sugar Mixed fruit preserve I was thinking of a great accompaniment to supplement it. And what better than a hot whole-wheat English Muffins right from the griddle.

Unlike the oven baked muffins with leavening agents, these English muffins baked with yeast are extremely light and soft in texture. These are actually quick-baking breads and make a good breakfast when smeared with butter, honey or fruit preserves. These are generally made in small portions and are generally not very sweet and are devoid of frosting. Made in flat circular shape these muffins are traditionally split open with a fork and served with hot butter with tea.

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[14 Feb 2011 | 45 Comments | ]
Eggless vanilla cake with fruit custard – A Delightful Dessert for your Valentine

Red roses, Cupid, winged cherubs, heart cakes, heart here and heart there…young men and women make merry on this day and so does the salesmen! But just one day may not be enough to show our love, we should be ready to express our love the other 364 days too. What ever may be the reason behind celebrating this lovely day, make the most out of it and wish that each day of year is another Valentine day filled with unbound love in each heart.

And to express true love an expensive gift is not necessary. A cute red rose, a small hug, a few words of appreciation and even cooking something which is liked by your loved ones can do the trick. And I baked this light and extremely delightful dessert Vanilla Cake with Fruit Custard for all whom I love. Yes it includes you too, who are reading my post right now 🙂

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[28 Jan 2011 | 43 Comments | ]
Healthy Breakfast On the go – Mighty Sandwiches

During weekdays with hectic school schedule and busy office routine, breakfast is the only effective meal time when I can stuff my kids and hubby with all the goodness of veggies, fruits, nuts and cereals.

Over the years I have experimented with various breakfast recipes liked by my family and which also give me ample time in the morning rush hours besides providing them with good nutrition. And Vegetable Sandwich is one such recipe I count upon.

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[15 Jan 2011 | 6 Comments | ]
Party Menu – Creamy Strawberry Ice Cream

Ice cream was not in the party menu a few years back, before I realized that many children dislike fruit salad or anything that is remotely related to or being refered as health food! Given a choice even my kids prefer Ice cream over anything healthy 🙂 So down comes my Ice cream maker each year, from that dark corner of the loft. The poor gadget sees the light of the day just once every year!

Festive bites, fresh fruit desserts »

[15 Jan 2011 | 5 Comments | ]
Party Menu – Mixed Fruit Salad with Custard

Mixed fruit salad is also another staple in all of my parties. A dessert easy to make and refreshing to eat with loads of seasonal fruits in it. At times I semi bake it for 15-20 minutes for a different dessert altogether. Add colorful fruit jelly and serve in a designer glass for a classy & exotic look.

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[7 Dec 2010 | 47 Comments | ]
Cottage Cheese Cake – Egg less and No cream version

What better than a light and healthy dessert after a scrumptious meal. This strawberry flavored Cottage Cheese Cake falls in the same category and makes a perfect dessert for my family most of the times. The fact that this recipe is egg less, no gelatin and no cream bake, unlike the normal cheese cakes which are cream based or use condensed milk, makes it a healthier version too.

Fresh pineapple gives a refreshing flavor to this cake, since my daughter likes anything that comes with pink and strawberry, following is the outcome 🙂

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[9 Aug 2010 | 13 Comments | ]
Know Your Fats

Ice-cream sundae, chocolate cake!’ is your lipid profile normal? The term unheard of a few decades ago is a buzz-word in new generation. What exactly is this lipid and how does it affect us?

Physical inactivity, erratic eating hours and relying on junk food has disturbed the normal functioning of our body making the level of blood-glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure far exceeding the normal range. We need to monitor these to keep fit.

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