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[1 Nov 2010 | 46 Comments | ]
Exotic Sweet and Healthy too – A Cottage Cheese Delight

“What !! Exotic and healthy sweet, are you nuts!” is the reaction from a friend with sweet tooth. More often we associate exotic foods with recipes which are rich, takes time to prepare and need loads of work outs on Treadmill to shed those extra calories & kilos they add to the unwanted areas 🙁

Be it Malai Koftas, Ras Malai or an irresistible Black forest cake, they all bring in the same feeling of sheer indulgence. Nutty Delights are exotic and healthy at the same time since it is made with cottage cheese and nuts. But you must keep a watch on the numbers 🙂

Festive bites, nutri bombs »

[2 Sep 2010 | 32 Comments | ]
Bring Back The Corn – A Cornmeal Sweet

These cute little delicacies of Cornmeal brings back the memories of childhood days. When mom would often involve us to make these laddoos and we used to unwillingly succumb to her demands for want of these scrumptious treats 🙂

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[9 Jul 2010 | 25 Comments | ]
Brown Rice For Dessert – A Healthy Treat

A sweet is always welcome, and if the treat is healthy too, there is no stopping to indulge in it. This delicious and creamy sweet treat is made with brown rice which is a wholegrain and a much healthier option than the white rice. Benefits and uses of brown rice has been explained in my recent article Brown rice or White rice.

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