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[9 Apr 2011 | 39 Comments | ]
Steamed Spinach Dumpling – An Appetizer and A Yougurt Delicacy

Every time I make this Spinach and yogurt delicacy, it brings back the memory of my grandmother and her earthy kitchen. I would have cooked the same recipe umpteen number of times but could never come close to the one which she used to make. The earthen pot, fire wood stove, yogurt made from the fresh milk from backyard and those experienced hands are the secret ingredients which brings the flavors missing in mine 🙂 My gas stove and the stainless steel vessels could never emulate the same lest I shift to the olden days of cooking.

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[9 Apr 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
Legumes Made Easy – A Few Refreshing Yogurt Recipes

The refreshing and creamy yogurt concoction also known as Kadhi is almost a staple weekend lunch for my family. When paired with plain hot rice or Khichdi with a dollop of fresh ghee and a papad to accompany, this yogurt delicacy is a heavenly delight!

I make a few versions of this yogurt recipe, at times adding steamed dumplings made with chickpea flour and seasoned with various greens and spices. And have done small variations in my Kadhi by adding coconut and cumin paste from the recipe of Mor Kolumbu from the cuisine of South India. Coconuts in it gives a body to the recipe besides the wonderful flavors and aromas of cumin and curry leaves.

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[4 Apr 2011 | 35 Comments | ]
Ragi Cookies – A Delicate, Crisp and healthy Treats

Baking is a great way to enjoy certain food ingredients which otherwise never make to our dinning table too often. Most of the days the meal is either veggies with lentils & chapattis or rice recipes with accompaniments. Some of these wonder foods hardly get included into my menu, unless I shun my laziness and make or bake something out of them 🙂 Ragi or finger millet is one such food ingredients, I love to bring it to my table often. And this time this humble grain Ragi got transformed into these crisp and scrumptious cookies with an extra dose of chocolate chips. These cookies added as a quick dessert last night with a generous spoon of Nutella spread over them.

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[4 Apr 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
Healthy Wheatgerm Pancakes
I received a lovely parcel from Nivedita with the mystery ingredient in it some days back as a format for the Arusuvai chain. She sent a set of beautiful coral bowls and a hand painted stone with a thoughtful message ‘Lets’ grow together’. The mystery ingredient was not too difficult to find out. The cornflour powder which she sent for me to identify and make something out of it was transformed into Ragi cookies and these healthy Wheat germ Pancakes.
I decided to include this post for the chain, as these Pancakes are pretty easy to make than the cookies and can be a very filling breakfast recipe.

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[29 Mar 2011 | 24 Comments | ]
Eggless Wheatgerm & Banana Muffins – Healthy Treat Which is Scrumptious too!

Eating healthy meals and including foods which does wonders to your body is no easy task. Our palates are more accustomed to eating what we eat day in and day out. And adding or excluding anything from the regular meal demands a big challenge. The onus invariably falls on the mom to make the recipe more appeasing for her family to at least try out the so called healthy foods. But for these Muffins, I could have never imagined my kids eating wheatgerm and banana which has past its prime! I was really surprised when I saw my kids reaching out for these muffins with a big smile. Chocolate chips were added to deceive them …mission accomplished 🙂

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[15 Mar 2011 | 12 Comments | ]
Ten Easy and Tangy Salad Dressings to Spice Up Your Salads

Make way for  Salads since summer is here! Versatile, scrumptious and healthy Salads make a refreshing meal in itself.  And making a good salad needs a little bit of knowledge about which oil to use and what kinds of Vinegars would go well. The most common ratio for a perfect salad is one part vinegar to three parts oil, with spices of personal taste.  A good dressing should be mild and not overpowering and should be able to bring out the best of flavours from the vegetables and fruits in it.

Homemade salad dressing add extra zing to the salad, and its quite economical and healthy too, as you can adjust the fats in the dressing according to your taste.

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[8 Mar 2011 | 47 Comments | ]
Eggless Barley & Raisin Scones – A Scrumptious Breakfast to Start Your Day With!

I had my first shot of Barley when my mom thought I needed extra energy to pep up myself after my pregnancy. And Barley water used to be the regular alongside the loads of other tasteless, bitter and weired food on my plate 🙁 Never thought I would develop a liking for this grain. Thanks to internet I am loving it all over again!

My pantry now proudly displays this wonder grain and my breakfast table is always filled with a few dishes from it,  Barley flavored water being the most common amongst all.  And to add a few more flavors in my cooking, got a mail from the editors of a famous social site for Indian blogs BlogAdda that my blog Lite Bite is being featured on their Home page 🙂 Motivating indeed..

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[27 Feb 2011 | 29 Comments | ]
Coconut Milk Strawberry Panna Cotta & Florentine Cookies with Palm sugar

A light and colorful dessert is both a gastronomical and a visual treat, and the Coconut Milk Panna Cotta I made this weekend fits the bill. The coconut milk & strawberry jelly in it makes it very refreshing and a colorful dessert. If you can extract fresh coconut milk which I am sure I can’t, then you are in for a heavenly treat! I made this Panna cotta from Daring Bakers kitchen with my pack of ready to use coconut milk.

I reduced the cream portion and added thickened yogurt for Panna cotta and also switched to palm sugar to make my Oats and almonds Florentine cookies. And the result was a much lighter and to some extent a healthy version of this exotic dessert.

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[22 Feb 2011 | 56 Comments | ]
A Bread, a Brownie and Wonderful Zucchini All The Way!

Sometimes simple things in life can bring in windfall gains and mine came through the wonderful vegetable Zucchini I bought this weekend. Yes, this small veggie got transformed into three different delectable dishes for my family last Sunday. A bread, a brownie and a few pancakes. Thought of posting all together but then restrained myself doing the same, as the post will become too long and will be difficult to categorize all. So here are the two Zucchini delights for you to indulge in…a bread and a brownie. Don’t miss out on the easy & quick breakfast of Zucchini savory pancakes.

The plain Zucchini bread with no other flavors and very less of sugar tasted very good and was liked by me and my hubby. The chocolate in the brownies marred the flavors and taste of the veggie but anyway became a hit with my kids 🙂

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[22 Feb 2011 | 13 Comments | ]
Easy Zucchini Pancakes – A Savory Breakfast

A Zucchini Sunday! Yes the weekend was dedicated to this summer squash and its delicacies. Baked a Zucchini bread, a brownie and savory pancakes with my Zucchini. These Zucchini pancakes are quite easy and quick to make and can be a delightful breakfast.

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