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[14 Feb 2011 | 45 Comments | ]
Eggless vanilla cake with fruit custard – A Delightful Dessert for your Valentine

Red roses, Cupid, winged cherubs, heart cakes, heart here and heart there…young men and women make merry on this day and so does the salesmen! But just one day may not be enough to show our love, we should be ready to express our love the other 364 days too. What ever may be the reason behind celebrating this lovely day, make the most out of it and wish that each day of year is another Valentine day filled with unbound love in each heart.

And to express true love an expensive gift is not necessary. A cute red rose, a small hug, a few words of appreciation and even cooking something which is liked by your loved ones can do the trick. And I baked this light and extremely delightful dessert Vanilla Cake with Fruit Custard for all whom I love. Yes it includes you too, who are reading my post right now 🙂

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[1 Feb 2011 | 21 Comments | ]
WWC Round up – Wholewheat for Breakfast

No more reasons for skipping a breakfast with all the easy, quick and healthy recipes readers and bloggers have shared for this Wholewheat for Breakfast event WWC on Lite Bite. Thanks everyone for being a part of the event and letting us discover the wonderful cooking from your space.

The next WWC is alive on Siri’s blog, hope to see many more joining the dinning table with her with Brown rice for dinner.

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[15 Jan 2011 | 84 Comments | ]
Party Menu- Recipe Planner for the Big Day

It is that time of the year again we anxiously look forward to each year. Yes, time when we celebrate the combined birthday dinner party for our kids, which has become a sort of ritual for the last 10 years. Though with age catching up fast, it is becoming a bit taxing to entertain a guest list of 80+ friends. The happiness written on the faces of our children fuel our energy and helps us do the same year after year 🙂 And for sure these are some of the most wonderful moments of our life!

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[15 Jan 2011 | 13 Comments | ]
Party Menu – Chocolate & Strawberry Cakes

A Birthday party is incomplete with a Cake, and mine too had chocolate and Strawberry flavored cakes. Chocolate cake for the son and the strawberry cake for the daughter. Baked 4 cakes a day before the party and did the icing part on the final day of the party.

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[31 Dec 2010 | 34 Comments | ]
The Year That Was…

Aha… the time of the year has come to sit and relive some of the enduring moments that has gone by 2010. And by far the most fascinating one is Lite Bite, my tiny space on the net, linking worlds apart.

A string of reminiscences….fellow bloggers, a meet and Tasty Bites.

With the above note I would like to bring forth WWC, the first event on Lite Bite.

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[27 Dec 2010 | 39 Comments | ]
Stollen-An Egg less Tea Time Bread

Stollen is a bread like fruit cake baked with yeast, flour and dried fruits and nuts in it. This is a wonderful Tea time snack and a great breakfast treat which is quite easy to make. It stays good for many days and is extremely flavorful with loads of citrus zests, candid peels and spices in it.

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[23 Dec 2010 | 44 Comments | ]
An Easy Steamed Eggless Traditional Christmas Cake

The rich and heavy traditional Steamed Christmas Pudding or cake is a delicacy hard to resist. The long hours of steaming are intimidating, but the wait is worth a million.

The heady aromas of flavorful spices, exotic nuts, dried fruits, brandy, and fruit juices make this steamed Christmas cake almost irresistible. Quite easy to make, this egg less steamed cake can be stored in a cool dry place for several weeks or even months. Wish I could also store it for a few days, let alone weeks and months and devour the infused flavors of the spices in it. Alas.. every time I make this pudding, it goes to the Hall of fame the very same day 🙁

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[7 Dec 2010 | 47 Comments | ]
Cottage Cheese Cake – Egg less and No cream version

What better than a light and healthy dessert after a scrumptious meal. This strawberry flavored Cottage Cheese Cake falls in the same category and makes a perfect dessert for my family most of the times. The fact that this recipe is egg less, no gelatin and no cream bake, unlike the normal cheese cakes which are cream based or use condensed milk, makes it a healthier version too.

Fresh pineapple gives a refreshing flavor to this cake, since my daughter likes anything that comes with pink and strawberry, following is the outcome 🙂

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[1 Dec 2010 | 55 Comments | ]
Walnut & Banana Eggless Cake recipe

Though banana has never been in my favorite fruit list, but I love this humble fruit in my baked goodies. When combined with some nuts it gives an irresistible taste to the baking recipes. Not to forget the in numerous health benefits it lends to the dish.

This Walnuts & Banana egg less Cake is one such baked delight I often resort to when I have banana in surplus. And this time used the red skin variety of banana found commonly in many parts of south India.

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[10 Nov 2010 | 65 Comments | ]
Whole Navel Orange-Honey Eggless Cake

I love bright Navel Oranges, the fact that they are seedless and juicy makes me an ardent fan of these orange beauties. Navel Oranges are a delicacy in baking cakes and muffins, as these impart beautiful color and flavors to the goodies.

These fruits are devoid of seeds and are propagated by cutting method . And since the blossom end of the fruit resembles the human navel it has got this unusual name – ‘Navel Orange’. Navel Orange-Honey Egg less Cake is a real treat with distinct flavors and soft texture.

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