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A Refreshing Yogurt & Strawberry Dessert

24 January 2011 9 Comments

A Refreshing Yogurt & Strawberry Dessert

There is nothing special in this dessert except the fact that I wanted to try my hands on Macarons. I do lots of baking but mine is restricted to just cakes, muffins, cookies and bread. Never got inclined to baking anything lying outside my territory. The pretty & colorful Macarons posted in many fellow bloggers got me attracted.

Srikhand is going to be the weekend dessert this week as I had surplus curds in my refrigerator, and I decided to combine Macarons with it. This refreshing dessert made with curds or yogurt is very light and can fit the bills of a diet seeker easily. Srikhand is supposed to be a favorite dessert for lord Krishna too.

yogurt dessert

Ingredients for Srikhand;

  • Milk
  • 1 tsp. curd as culture
  • Honey or powder sugar as desired
  • Fruits (Strawberry, pineapple, mango etc.)
  • Powdered cardamom
  • Muslin cloth
A Refreshing Yogurt & Strawberry Dessert

Hung Curd..

Method: Boil milk in a large vessel and take off the flames. Cool it completely and add 1 tsp. of fresh curd in the milk to curdle.Cover the vessel and keep it in a warm place to stimulate the beneficial bacterias do their work  may take 8-10 hours for the milk to get curdled.

Take a clean muslin cloth and pour the set curd in it. Tie the cloth and hang it for 7-8 hours. Keep the ties muslin cloth in the refrigerator overnight, with an empty vessel under it. This will prevent the curd from becoming sour.

A Refreshing Yogurt & Strawberry Dessert

Fresh Srikhand

Take out the thick curd in the muslin cloth and use the whey to knead dough for bread or in soup.

The thick curd will be creamy and crumbly in appearance, you can churn it in the blender to make it smooth. I like crumbly Srikhand and did not blend it.

A Refreshing Yogurt & Strawberry Dessert

Srikhand with Fresh Strawberry

At this stage you can add powder sugar or honey for better nutritive value. Crush any fruit of your choice and add it to the Srikhand. Add powdered cardamom seeds or any flavor and essence of your choice.

A Refreshing Yogurt & Strawberry Dessert

Adds up as a Healthy Breakfast too..

Refrigerate the Srikhand and serve it chilled with a sprig of mint and a few crushed fruits.

A Refreshing Yogurt & Strawberry Dessert


The creamy and foamy meringue for the macarons.

Easy Almond meal Cookies

super fine Almond meal flour..

My homemade Almond meal flour. I used the residue of the flour in making Almond meal cookies here.

Strawberry Macarons;

These are a new entrant to my treasure, since I don’t use eggs in my baking I was avoiding it for long. Since egg whites are the base of Macarons. And as I went through Googling recipes on the net, my doubt about these exotic goodies got more and more cleared. And these baked little wonders are best to be avoided if one is a beginner in baking. As Macarons are more of the technique rather than just following and baking them.


Resting Macarons

I must admit that my Macarons did get flat foot but the feet were not fizzy. And I did not have much patience to redo the whole process of making almond meals to that of whipping the meringue and bake them again 🙁

A Refreshing Strawberry & Macaron Dessert

A Refreshing Strawberry & Macaron Dessert

I used the flat footed Macarons with Nutella filling to make my refreshing dessert using the Srikhand above. And my family loved the unique dessert with the crispy Macarons in between.

A Refreshing Yogurt & Strawberry Dessert



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  • deeba said:

    Welcome to the mac club Sanjeetha, and thank you for bringing this beautiful fusion dessert to Mactweets. Happy that you’ve got charmed by these fiddly cookies. Love the Shrikhand, and the strawberries make it even yummier!

  • Jamie said:

    Yay I am thrilled you finally gathered up the courage and came over to the Mac Side! I love this dessert you created and I tell you, imperfect macs are happiest used like this and we know how they all taste just fabulous! Wonderful dessert and I really hope it is just the beginning! We want more macs from you! xo

  • Suja Sugathan said:

    Wonderful dessert..looks absolutely yummy.

  • Kairali sisters said:

    wow..looks super cool, Sanjeeta..

  • Lora said:

    What a unique dessert and combinations of flavors. Feet or no feet, you just can’t go wrong with a strawberry and Nutella combination.

  • simply.food said:

    So very delicious with droolworthy clicks.

  • Ananda Rajashekar said:

    that is only reason why i was so sceptical about trying macrons, we you have charmed it so well with srikhand 🙂 looks yum!

  • HI Cookery said:

    So nice to have a culturally-inspired macaron. It’s okay if there aren’t feet this time (we’ve had many of our own macaron food flops!). But your mac dessert certainly looks refreshing!

  • Cecilia said:

    What a great dessert, it looks delicious!

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