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Recipes | Savory Multi Millet Pancakes with Garlic-Herb Cottage Cheese Spread – A guest post for Sia

29 May 2014 2 Comments

millet pancakes with cottage cheese spread

Food blogging is the ultimate hobby I could indulge in for hours on end. A captivating hobby turned into a full-time passion now, which fills me with excitement and self-worth every single day. Food blogging gives me endless entertainment, raises curiosity, creates memories and helps connect with wonderful online friends to grow together.

For many people, food is just fuel for body and an everyday comfort to celebrate life. To a food blogger ‘food is a subject’ which they seek to understand and explore. They don’t just eat good food but are inspired by it and visualize many forms of art in it. They take food to a different altitude.

Violet curvy aubergine, deep orange pumpkin, vibrant red tomatoes, tender green dill, blushing beets with leaves…my heart jumps out with joy every time that I visit my farmers market and gaze at these fresh and colourful vegetables stacked neatly in a row.   I may not know how to cook pearly strings of fresh green peppercorns or the cute little crimson water apples. But then, I never miss a chance to buy the same so that I can photograph and preserve the beauties of these delicacies for future reference. Food mesmerizes and brings out the creativity in you.

I was in for a pleasant surprise when Sia asked me to write a guest post for ‘Monsoon Spice’. Her blog has a sweet charm, a rustic Indianness which permeates through all her recipes. Her spellbinding food stories, traditional Indian recipes and beautiful photography have the power to connect with readers.

It is an absolute pleasure to come over to one of my favorite Indian food blogs and share a recipe.

Over to Monsoon Spice for the recipe –Multi millet savory pancakes with Garlic-herb cottage cheese spread.

Recipes | Multi-Millet savory Pancakes with garlic-herb Cottage cheese spreadGarlic and herb cottage cheese in the making..

Recipes | Multi-Millet savory Pancakes with garlic-herb Cottage cheese spread

A few millet varieties and barley..getting ready for the pancake batter…

Recipes | Multi-Millet savory Pancakes with garlic-herb Cottage cheese spread

The batter could be prepared ahead and refrigerated for 3-4 days.

Recipes | Multi-Millet savory Pancakes with garlic-herb Cottage cheese spread

The cottage cheese spread makes a perfect sandwich spread also.

Recipes | Multi-Millet savory Pancakes with garlic-herb Cottage cheese spread

These tiny pancakes are a close cousin of Bajre ka cheela (Pearl millet crepes) with vegetables mo used to make for breakfast.
Recipes | Multi-Millet savory Pancakes with garlic-herb Cottage cheese spread

Grated vegetables added to the recipe gives a beautiful crunch and colour to the otherwise bland tasting pancakes.

Recipes | Multi-Millet savory Pancakes with garlic-herb Cottage cheese spread

Served with chilled yogurt raita.


  1. The recipe can be made using millet flour also. Combine various millet and grind it into fine powder.
  2. Soak millet flour in yogurt for 3-4 hours before making these pancakes.
  3. Add flax-seed powder mixed with water to the millet flour for better binding.
  4. A few tablespoons of chickpea flour or wheat flour added to the millet batter gives a good texture to the pancakes.
  5. Using millet powder to make these pancakes is a great time saver. I always keep a stock of millet flour when I don’t have time to soak.
  6. Soaking a grain is always preferable as it increases the nutrient content considerable.
  7. I have used a combination of Barley (jau), pearl millet (bajra/kambu), Sorghum (jowar/cholam) and Kodo (kodra/varagumillet in this recipe.
  8. You can also make the same pancakes using just one kind of millet of your choice.
  9. Use vegetables of your choice as topping for the pan cakes.
  10. Avoid yogurt and replace it with plain water for a vegan version of the recipe.


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  • Deepa said:

    Delicious and delicious looking pancakes. Wonderful fillings as well.

  • Sia | Monsoon Spice said:

    Sanjeeta, I want to thank you once again for sharing such a wonderful recipe in my virtual kitchen! The combination of healthy and flavoursome millets makes this a treasured recipe which I am sure many families like mine will find it a wonderful addition to our family menu 🙂 I know the little someone who is going to enjoy the garlic-herb cheese spread quite a lot 😉
    Thank you once again!

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