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healthy vegetarian recipes
During weekdays with hectic school schedule and busy office routine, breakfast is the only effective meal time when I can stuff my kids and hubby with all the goodness of fruits, nuts and cereals.

You can find various breakfast Recipes in this category which are healthy, saves me a lot of time during morning rush hours and are liked by my family.

Find many innovative and quick cooking breakfast recipes in this section of Recipe Bites.

Breakfast Bites has the following categories;

  1. Appetizers and starters
  2. Sandwiches
  3. Healthy Drinks
  4. Healthy Snacks
  5. Salads and Dressings
  6. Soups
  7. Spreads and Preserves


Bite on this….

Biological clock: Break the fast of several hours of abstinence from food, is what breakfast literally mean. Our brain which was at rest during the night needs to be rejuvenated and energized again in the morning. This makes breakfast a very important and crucial meal of the day

A vital miss: Skipping breakfast due to lack of time can be very dangerous to health. It slows down the metabolic rate of our body, and the body cells starts raiding the stored glucose in the absence of food, followed by hunger-pangs during the later part of the day. This further makes us rely on snacking and over-eating, leading to obesity and other ailments.

healthy vegetarian recipes

Significance of Breakfast:

  • Children who eat breakfast are alert, creative, develop concentration and perform well academically s compared to those children who skip breakfast.
  • In elders eating a wholesome breakfast can prevent fatigue, increase concentration, productivity and helps maintain a balanced blood sugar level.

Improvising traditional breakfast: Indian traditional breakfast is normally high-carbohydrates and very low on nutrients. If puris and dosas are oil laden and less nutrient, Idlies have very high Glycemic-index making it digests quickly thereby destabilizing the blood sugar levels.

The same traditional meals can be improvised on nutrition to make it more healthy and wholesome. This incidentally is the main focus of Breakfast Bites. Bring your mornings alive with healthy Breakfast bites. Set the scene for smiles  🙂 with many delicious bites and the flavors of classic favorites.

In this section all the recipes are simple & quick to make and are loaded with nutrition to keep you ticking for long on a busy day.
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