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egg free baking recipes

Lite recipes for right health !

‘Series of mysteries getting unfolded’ is what baking means to me. The suspense and the wait to see the final baked good, keeps adrenalin at high.

Baking defined: Measuring cups, leavening agents, degrees of temperature and the likes keeps many stay away from baking. Baking is a different form of cooking where measurements and exact temperatures are the key players. A little lapse and the dish is collapsed 🙁

One needs a little guidance and experience to master the art of baking. Following the instructions properly can reap good benefits and bring out wonderful results.

Baking Bites has many egg free  recipes which are divided in the following categories;

  1. Breads & Buns
  2. Cakes
  3. Cookies
  4. Muffins
  5. Brownies
  6. Granola Bars
  7. Scones
  8. Cinnamon Rolls

wholegrain bread

Baking | Eggless Oats & Banana Quick Bread

The nutty aroma of fruit cakes and the crunchy bites of delicious cookies will never let you dampen the spirits  😀 to try out some of the goodies from Baking Bites.

Find recipes for easy, Egg less and healthy baking. Explore the much improvised and healthy versions of classy old time recipes.

Check this page for more on baking terms and measurements’;

Glossary – Baking made Easy


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Eggless Choco Cake


  • Maisie Marshall said:

    Fruit Cakes are the specialty of my grandmother, she bakes lots of fruit cakes.-“~

  • Logan Baker said:

    i love those german fruit cakes because they have more nuts in it “

  • Adjustable Dumbbells ` said:

    fruit cakes with lots of raisins is the thing that i often much, they are great and yummy:*,

  • kirti said:

    Hi Sanjeetha,
    Hope you are doing good.
    We do not use eggs in our family. So i too go in for eggless recipes.
    Moreover i have baked eggless cakes in the pressure cooker using sand for heating… a technique learnt from my mamiji …

    Can you help me in choosing a good OTG?? or should i go for a microwave….

    I basically wish to bake cakes and cookies and wanna grill sandwiches too… Can u help me out with a good oven please? I will be highly thank full.

    With best wishes

  • sanjeeta kk (author) said:

    @Kirti, If you are looking for just baking and grilling option then go for a conventional oven which gives good baking results than then the convection mode in MW.

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