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A Flavorful Herb – Dill

16 November 2010 16 Comments

health benefits of the herb- Dill

Dill is a medicinal herb and an aromatic spice used in many international cuisines. Not very common in many Indian kitchens, Dill is an integral part of Indonesian and Italian cuisine. The very first time most of us get acquainted to Dill is when we were given Dill water to cure colic & digestive problems during infancy. The sweet aroma and taste of Dill water I used to give to my kids still lingers.

Though my mother used Dill sparingly in her cooking, I like the flavor of Dill in many of my baking recipes and other dishes. More so after being introduced to the health benefits associated with this aromatic & appetizing medicinal herb.

Both the seeds and the fresh green leaves of  Dill can be used in various recipes. Flavonoids and Monoterpenes are the two important compounds in Dill, which makes it a useful medicinal herb.

health benefits of the herb- Dill

Health Benefits;

  • The most important benefits associated with Dill is its digestive properties. The essential oils present in Dill stimulates secretion of various digestive juices thus help in digestion.
  • The above two compounds present in Dill helps in fighting against free radicals and cancer.
  • Dill is a good source of Calcium and thus strengthens bones and helps in reduction of bone loss during menopause.
  • The other minerals present in Dill are iron, manganese and magnesium
  • The essential oil in dill makes it a good moth freshener and help in many oral diseases.
  • Dill helps calm down the Hiccups and reduce problems related to gas formation in stomach.
  • Good to cure dysentery increase lactation in women and help remove toxic substances from our body.
  • The essential present oils in Dill helps in many respiratory disorders, allergies and cough.
  • The stimulant nature of essential oils in Dill acts as a sedative and helps in sleep disorders.

health benefits of the herb- Dill

Prudent uses of Dill;

  • Dill is a very aromatic spice and gives a distinct flavor to pickles and salads.
  • Dill is a good spice for baking cakes, pies and pastries.
  • A few sprigs of Dill sprinkled in any soup make a refreshing and delicious soup.
  • Chewing a few Dill seeds can keep bad breath away.
  • Dips made with cheese and a few leaves of Dill are great with vegetable sticks or sandwiches.
  • A concoction made with a few seeds of Dill in water is good for digestion, cold and cough.
  • A delicious and crispy Baked Pinwheel Snack made with Dill can be seen here.

You can read more about Dill here;



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  • sweetlife said:

    Dill water, wow I should try this…thanks for the introducing us to the great benefits of dill


  • rebecca said:

    lovely post on dill great in scrambled eggs

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  • Kiran said:

    Never knew dill has so many benefits. Thanks for sharing!

  • Biren @ Roti n Rice said:

    Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.

  • minal sharma exotica said:

    nice post dear good information ……from where you get all these information this is really good..

  • meera vinay said:

    I knew some of the benefits of Dill…….really nice to know a lot more about one of my favourite greens 🙂
    Including Dill gives a gr8 twist to Channa dal vada n my all time favourite is Vegetable kootu(itz like avial) made by my mother!!!!!!!

  • Karolina said:

    This herb was essential in my Granny’s and it is in mine and my Mum’s kitchen. I cannot imagine pickling without it, and is goes so nicely with any fish. My favourite sauce when I was child wad dill sauce (basice bechamel with hint of lemon + chopped fresh dill). I use dig a hard boiled egg in it and I was in heaven. 😉

  • chefPriyanka said:

    I love Dill! We call is Subushgi in Kannada. We make a vegetable out of it using garlic, green chilies and yellow dal- its amazing and so healthy! Glad to see you’ve introduced the world to this awesome herb/vegetable! Thanks 🙂

  • Ravi MENON said:

    thanks, but do share the local name ( local language names)as I am yet to identify this wonderful plant!

  • sanjeeta kk (author) said:

    @Ravi, Its called Suva in Hindi.

  • Di said:

    Wonderful post. I love dill…I put it on my salads, cooked veggies, and in sandwiches. Adds such a fantastic invigorating flavor especially on caprese salad with balsamic vinegar & olive oil.

  • patricia said:

    I was gifted with a whole crate of dill. i wish to dry it out or freeze it. which is better? i had no idea how many useful things dill can provide. how mauch shelf life does it have. most would just throw it away. i won’t.

  • sanjeeta kk (author) said:

    @Patricia, Freezing would be much better as it will help retain the color and flavor of the herb.

  • anindita said:

    what is dill’s latin name?in bengai cooking sowa is added as flavoring agent.

  • sanjeeta kk (author) said:

    @Anindita, In Hindi also its called Suwa and is used for a flavoring agent in many recipes. No idea what it is named in Latin.

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