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Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Bell Pepper, Orange Zest and Two Hummus Recipes

23 March 2012 30 Comments

Sprouted green gram and roasted red bell pepper hummus

Versatile dips & spreads which could be made quickly and peps up a meal instantly are my all time favorite. Ubiquitous green chutney with fresh coriander & mint leaves in my refrigerator tops the chart by all means. Yes, I eat it with my flat breads, use as sandwich spread, on crackers, tarts, Khatti rolls, pizza topping…and so on.. Hummus is one another favorite of mine, a refreshing & healthy dip prepared with chickpeas or Garbanzo beans. The recipe is often twisted & tweaked to come up with yummy surprises..well..almost always 🙂

The bland taste of boiled Chickpeas in Hummus gets its flavors from the spices, herbs and various aromatic ingredients used in the recipe. For a change I wanted to alter the base of Hummus (chickpeas) this time and substitute it with another lentil. Sprouted green gram and vibrant red bell pepper from my refrigerator wanted to be game this time.

I avoided boiling or steaming the green gram in the recipe and also roasted the red bell pepper before adding to the Hummus. Roasting the bell pepper gives a wonderful smoky flavor to the Hummus.

I kept the consistency of my Hummus slightly chunky to feel the taste of lentils and the veggies in it. The raw taste of sprouts is totally overpowered by the wonderful and slightly sweet tasting roasted red bell pepper.  I must try to steam the sprouted green gram next time and see the difference it makes to the Hummus recipe. But for now here are the two flavorful crunchy and yummy Hummus recipes for you;

1. Orange Flavored Chickpea Hummus with Homemade Corn Tortillas

Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

sesame, orange zest and ground chickpeas..

This chickpea hummus recipe is flavored with orange juice and orange zest and served with homemade cornmeal tortilla chips and is a favorite of my children. The dressing is always kept simple to suit the palate of my children, I serve the same with steamed veggie sticks and deep fried tortilla chips. You could add a sprig of fresh mint and sprinkle paprika and cumin powder before serving the Hummus.


(Serve 2)

  • 1 cup soaked & boiled chickpeas
  • ¼ cup Tahini
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 tbsp. Olive oil
  • 2 tbsp. orange juice
  • ½ tsp. orange zest
  • Salt as desired
  • Paprika (optional)
  • Pine buts (optional)

Method; Wash and soak chickpeas overnight. Drain and boil it in 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker for about 6-7 whistle on high heat. If you are using normal vessel for cooking it will take 60-70 minutes for the chickpeas to get cooked.

Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

Orange flavored chickpea hummus with homemade Tortillas specially for kids..

Take out and add the chickpeas in a food processor with a little of the water in which it was boiled. Grind it into a smooth paste. Add rest of the ingredients except nuts, paprika and olive oil and grind again till all the ingredients are mixed well.

If the Hummus is thick add the boiled water in which chickpeas were boiled.

Serve the Hummus in a serving dish make a well in the centre and pour Olive oil in it  and garnish with paprika/sliced red bell pepper or orange zest and serve with whole-wheat crackers or vegetable sticks.

Tahini; Grind sesame seeds and olive oil into a fine paste and store. This makes the basic recipe for Tahini. Add a few herbs and garlic to the same paste and makes another version of a scrumptious spread.

Cornmeal Tortillas‘; Mix 1 cup of fine cornmeal with 1/4 cup of all purpose flour and knead with cold water. Roll into very thin sheets, cut int strips and deep fry or bake the Tortillas.

2. Sprouted Green Gram & Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus with Easy Bread Canapes

Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

Roasted Red bell pepper


(serve 2)

  • 1 cup sprouted green gram
  • 1 cup roasted and chopped red pepper
  • 4 garlic pearls
  • 1 tsp whole black pepper
  • 1 tbsp. sesame seeds
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • ½ tsp. crushed black pepper
  • ½ tsp. roasted cumin powder
  • ½ tsp. salt
Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

Ingredients to go in..

Method;  Washand soak whole green gram for 4-5 hours. Drain the water and tie it in a clean muslin cloth. Hang the muslin cloth in warm and damp place for one or two days. Sprinkle water every 4-5 hours to keep the gram moist.

Pierce red pepper with a fork and roast it on direct flame on stove top. This is easy and quick method to roast the bell pepper, you could also bake the same for about 20-25 minutes.

Peel the charred skin from the bell pepper and chop it into fine pieces.

Roast sesame in a little ghee or any vegetable oil (ghee or butter gives a nice aroma to the Tahini).

Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

Creamy delight…

Grind all the ingredients except olive oil into a fine paste.

Serve the Hummus in a serving dish make a well in the centre and pour Olive oil in it. Garnish the hummus with a few pieces of chopped bell pepper and sprouted green gram.

Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

Served with easy bread canapes

Bread canapes; Remove the sides from 4 slices of breads. Dip the bread slices in a bowl of water just for a second and take out. Avoid this step if the bread is fresh and very soft.

Fold the bread slices to fit into the muffin moulds in the form of cups. Bake it at 200°C for about 10 minutes till the canapés turn light brown in color. Take out and let it cool.

Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

The aroma of roasted bell pepper is heavenly..

Fill the instant Bread canapés with 1 tablespoon of sprouted green gram Hummus, garnish with a few slices of bell peeper and sprouts. Serve as an appetizer/starter for a great party. Wholewheat crackers make a great starter for any party when served with this Hummus.
Sprouted Green Gram, Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

Perfect starters…wholewheat crackers served with Hummus

Bread canapés are easy to make and is a wonderful way to serve this yummy Hummus, it looks appetizing and makes a healthy fun food for children as well. Make homemade Tortillas as explained above to serve with Hummus. Another good option is to steam or grill veggie sticks such as carrots, cucumber and serve along with Hummus.


  1. In authentic hummus pepper or paprika is not added, since I wanted my hummus to be slightly spicy I added the same.
  2. To make the chickpeas very soft add a teaspoon of baking soda while soaking them in water. Wash and then grind to a paste to make hummus.
  3. I kept the sesame paste slightly chunky and coarse, you could grind it into fine paste also.
  4. For the first recipe I avoided making Tahini and added roasted sesame (in butter/ghee) instead.
  5. The sprouted green gram in this recipe is used in its raw form, boil or steam the same if you are not comfortable with raw taste.


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