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Health | Black Rice – Add This Rare, Tasty and Healthy Grain in Your Diet

12 June 2012 2 Comments

black rice pudding

“Madam these are a special variety of sticky rice, quite popular in Thai cuisine and cost almost 4 times more than normal rice.” Replied the salesman hurriedly, after seeing a perplexed look on my face holding a small bag of Black rice. This rare and aromatic sweet rice is not a very common site in many Indian stores.

Black rice was once called as ‘The forbidden rice‘ in ancient China and it was reserved only for the emperor and the nobles and was forbidden for the common man. As they believed that the rice has special properties and helps in longevity and is aphrodisiac in nature. This tasty and healthy sticky rice is extensively used in many Asian countries due to the myriads of health benefits associated with it.

If  studies are to be believed then, ‘10 spoonfuls of cooked black rice contains the same amount of anthcyanin as a spoonful of fresh blueberries and offer more fibers and less sugar than the later’ As revealed in a survey here.  Good for me, I don’t get to see fresh Blueberries here.

Black rice contain the outer bran which is mormally removed to get the white rice. This makes black rice high in iron and fiber and is an easy way to boost the intake of oxidants. Recipes cooked with black rice gets a wonderful deep purple color to it.


healthy black rice pudding

Brown Vs Black rice

Composition; The back rice is gluten free and is loaded with anti oxidants. The purple & dark red pigment- anthocyanin present in the outer bran of black rice  blueberries, grapes and acai a super food.

It gives a dark purple to black color to the recipe when cooked and make a creamy and sticky dish.

Health Benefits;

  • The anthocyanin present in the black rice reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Consumption of Black rice also increase memory.
  • It is high in iron content can help against aneamia.
  • Black rice is a good source of amino acids.
  • It has less sugar, more fiber and vitamin E.
healthy black rice pudding

Prudent ways to include Black rice in diet;

  1. A healthy and easy black rice pudding cooked with coconut milk and palm sugar.
  2. Black rice porridge for breakfast would be a yum and healthy option.
  3. Makes a good filling for Sushi.
  4. Use black rice powder in baking cakes, muffins and cookies.
  5. Replace wholewheat in the Indian traditional recipe Lapsi with this healthy black rice.
  6. A lentil and black rice Khichdi could make a perfect comfort food for any day.
  7. Black rice Risotto would make a healthy and yummy dinner.

Make this healthy grain – Black rice, a part of your diet and enjoy the benefits of nature.

Black rice pudding


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