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Good health can be attained by anyone with right intent, little determination and conscious efforts. Explore ‘why to eat what we eat’ for healthy-living in the various categories of Health bites;

Categories in Health Bites

1.Eating Right: Include foods that promote good-health and avoid those which are harmful. Keep a watch on your diet and stay healthy.

2. Foods That Heal:Many foods are a power house of nutrients and have copious healing properties. Explore the foods that heal and add them to your diet.

My perspective: For me good health is all about feeling great and having energy to do the whole days’ work without getting drained. In fact healthy-living is all in the mind and no rocket science for sure.  Anyone with a little knowledge and more control over their desires can achieve it with perfection.

  • Define your goals: I give priority to the foods that my family enjoys and plan accordingly keeping their interest in the forefront and the nutrients at the back. My 10 year old who realizes that oatmeal is good for him but prefer eating it with chocolate syrup. By allowing him to do so, not only his interest (chocolate syrup) stay in the forefront, nutrition (oatmeal) also remain intact  🙂
  • Enjoy what you eat: Yes even your Apple pies, potato chips and ice creams! But do keep a check on these important factors- balance, variety and moderation to achieve your goals.
  • Make good-health a way of life: The idea to start Health bites is to jot down my views and information gathered from various sources about health. I am not a trained physician or a dietitian; neither do I wish to be. I follow my own diet rules and simple ways to achieve healthy-living. Put some efforts to learn the basics of nutrition and make healthy-living a way of life and not a set of rules forced upon by others.

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Bite on this……

Thanks to gadgets, life has become a lot easy. People prefer taking the stairs to reach the gymnasium next floor, natural workouts such as washing, walking and grinding has given way to washing machines and treadmills. From being a mere aid, gadgets have begun to rule us. Man has become more dependent on machines than his own skills.

No doubt gadgets have made our work simpler, but with the added perks of physical inactivity, anxiety and fatigue. Active and stress free yesteryear’s has been replaced with more complex and gadget dependent to days 🙁

An Indian’ dilemma: “Just by being an Indian can put you up in the bracket of higher risks for heart-disease, no matter if you are a vegetarian, a teet-o-taller or a health fanatics!.

The results of a study done by CADI and the diabetic center, published in English daily startled me. The study further concluded that “It’s in Indian genes that we produce more of lipoproteins, the key component in formation of plaque in coronary arteries”.

Plight of modernization: Demanding jobs, endless working hours and the frantic race to reach the top of corporate ladder. Umpteen household chores and short on time makes nourishment take a back seat. Environmental pollution, radiation and pesticides add to the picture of poor health.

Hectic lifestyle and following the food pattern which has become obsolete in modern days is calling in for many lifestyle disorders. Consumption of high-sugar food, refined cereals and trans fats is very common.

Unravel the complexities: We read many articles splashed in magazines and dailies on the latest developments in health science. Those articles look very intimidating with tongue-twisting medical terms, composition and components of various food groups. These information though very important to us, are very difficult to understand and assimilate 😕

Triglycerides, glycemic index, BMIs, Lipo-protein to name just a few. These are some of the unavoidable term which each one of us should be aware of to lead a healthy life.

Health bites is to write articles on some of these topics from my perspective, the way I understand, simplify and incorporate healthy-living for myself and my family. Hope the articles will be of some help for all my readers. Please share your views and perspective on the ways to healthy-living and help spread the good words.

‘For life is not to live, but to be well’  😀

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