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Eating Right – Back To School

20 July 2010 8 Comments


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Air water and food are the most natural and essential factors for life on Earth. . These three life-giving components were supposed to be consumed in their natural and pure form. The first two have escaped the cruel handling of human beings to some extent, but the last one – Food is adulterated to its maximum limit.

Where the discovery of fire has several advantages accrued to it, it also introduced cooked food, which was further complicated by the invention of spices and various methods of cooking, leading to various diseases.

Many of modern days disorder such as heart ailments, blood pressure and obesity is directly related to the food we eat. We eat too much and work very less as compared to our hardworking ancestors.

In the series for Eating Right, let us find out the basic components of food which most of us have learned during our school days. The food pyramid must not be a new concept for us, but to assimilate it in our daily diet is certainly a new area for many to dwell upon.


Food Pyramid: I have a fair idea about the food pyramid, which I thought was good enough for my biology exam only 🙂 Let us revise the lessons we learned in our school days for better

The pyramid is a beautiful presentation of foods available to us. The base of the pyramid is for those foods, which are most important and should be used in our daily cooking more often. While the top most layer is reserved for those foods, which are less important and should be consumed sparingly.

Set Your Pulses Right


Carbohydrates: Energy yielding foods such as cereals, pulses and wholegrain and some starchy veggies – potato, sweet potato etc. Fats are also included in this category which provide extra energy to the body, eg nuts, oil, sugar, jaggery etc.

Wholegrain such as oats, brown rice provides complex carbohydrates, which take longer time to digest, thereby releasing the sugar levels in the blood at a slower rate. Include wholegrain for better health benefits. Substitute white rice with brown rice and eat oatmeal porridge more often.

Protein: Body building foods, which are necessary for the growth and development of our body cells and muscles.

Foods such as milk, curd egg are some of the animal proteins available to us, while pulses, Soya are some of the plant protein.

healthy wholegrain breakfast porridge


Vitamins & Minerals: Protector foods, which build immunity and help, fight diseases. Milk, green vegetables and fruits are loaded with vitamins and many important minerals.

We must choose from different categories of food groups to optimize our cooking and stay healthy. As cooking our daily meals keeping in mind these food groups will go a great way to a disease free healthy living.

It is time we give importance to the food we eat if we value health, and think beyond satisfying our taste buds only. We should learn ‘What to eat’ and yearn for ‘ Why to eat what we eat’.

Eating right and staying healthy, cause we deserve it!


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  • Lyndsey said:

    Very informative post. I have always tried to serve my family fresh, well balance healthy foods. My daughter is a good example of how my effort has paid off. She also stays out of the sun or wears sunscreen if she is out in the sun(hard to avoid the sun living in Florida) I know that doesn’t have anything to do with food, but it a great way to stay healthy and younger longer.

    Go Green – Go Fresh!

  • Deepti Pawar said:

    We do need such reminder notes for ourselves to tell us how far we’ve come from being ‘natural’ in terms of food. That was worth a read! Great effort!

  • N S said:

    Excellent information. Good post.

  • varsha said:

    Sanj! please bear with me but this pyramid is totally outdated.

    Today,we know that healthy amounts of Good fats(unrefined oils as well as saturated fats like butter and ghee) are absolutely essential for good health.More so for growing children.
    We need to be wary only of the refined oils and processed stuff(trans-fats laden sugary things).
    This is fro Walter Willet Head of the chair of Nutrition of Harvard School Of Public Health.
    Please feed the kids full cream milk and douse their veggies in butter and olive oils(Extra virgin) Get cold pressed oils if you can.They are essential.
    Here is a link that may interest you…

  • sanjeeta kk (author) said:

    Thanks Varsha for this useful information on fats. Yes I do the same for kids, but for me and my hubby, I use it sparingly. We do take nuts more often though for the good fats in it.
    These posts are my experiments with food and may be outdated, its good to get meaningful suggestions and advice from people more informed.Thanks again Varsha.

  • varsha said:

    and Sanj! except for the fat confusion,the post scores high as usual.

    And believe me I have transitioned from fat eating phobia to a stage where I embrace the good fats with open arms.It has been amazing for my skin,hair and energy levels.

    a briefer and more lucid link…


  • restless said:

    hi sanjeeta! thanks for ur comments on my blog.

    well i was expecting some healthy reciepes for kids lunch box. dear, pl include that. the benefits of healthy food and balanced diet is quite a known thing, ( ok ppl like me would know little, but stil) incuding tips and reciepes and food ideas, especially with changing weather etc, would be a great idea.


  • Jennifer said:

    I love this article. We have been trying to eat healthier. So I love coming across great information.

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