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[9 Feb 2012 | 25 Comments | ]
Steamed Pumpkin Soup with Shallots and AFBHLS Guest Post by Harini of Tongue Ticklers

I love my morning cup of steaming hot milk tea, grilled cheese sandwich and the crisp stuffed Paratha (Indian flat breads) with creamy yogurt Raita. Yes I heard it, so do you. But then hold on, if you are one with me you need to pause for a moment and read the following post from our AFBHLS guest Harini. Who knows this might change the way you look at your breakfast table as it did to mine. Now that my weekly grocery list has less of those extra cheese boxes and I have started loving my tea without milk.

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[13 Oct 2011 | 12 Comments | ]
A Medley of Family Fresh Cooking and AFBHLS Guest Post from Marla

Proud mom of two lovely kids and a lover of piping hot dark espresso roast capped with perfect crema, this gorgeous food blogger Marla Meridith from Southern California is our AFBHLS guest today. From healthy, gluten free, vegan, to almost sugar free recipes on her blog she can also win you over with some of her exotic creations for pure indulgence in great food. Each recipe emanates freshness of the ingredients she uses to create that perfect meal which is further enhanced by her skillful photography and wonderful food styling.

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[28 Sep 2011 | 17 Comments | ]
Acorn Squash in Lime Cilantro and Honey Vinaigrette – AFBHLS Guest Post by Shulie

Born and raised in Israel with a strong Indian Jewish ancestry this AFBHLS guest has spent half of her life in United States. Her awesome collection of Mediterranean, Indian and some unique recipes on her blog speak a lot about her command over these cuisines. Meet Shulie a wonderful food blogger from Food Wanderings, a passionate food writer and a skillful photographer.

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[17 Sep 2011 | 20 Comments | ]
Healthy Quinoa Salad and AFBHLS Guest Post by EA Stewart

It seems just yesterday when I celebrated the birthdays of my children in January this year. How time flies…three more months and its new year again! The series AFBHLS which I started a few months back is one of my most favorite projects this year on my blog. Getting to know how the foodie friends manage to stay healthy amidst a busy schedule of cooking, work and blogging is really inspiring.

And what better than having a registered dietitian who also makes real food taste great on AFBHLS! EA Stewart from the blog Spicy RD mixes together a handful of nutrition advice, a dollop of delicious recipes, a pinch of gluten free tips and a dash of spice to your life.

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[9 Sep 2011 | 22 Comments | ]
An Eggless Peach & Plum Crostata Recipe and AFBHLS Guest Post from Deeba

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.Julia Child. And this is what she has been doing for over 15 years at her home and on her blog since 2007…baking, baking and more baking! This baking deva is also obsessed with a clean kitchen and delicate melt-in-mouth Macarons. Baking, Macarons…oh yes I can hear you shout out ‘Deeba’. Lite Bite is honored & elated to bring in Deeba of PAB as the first Indian food blogger for the series AFBHLS. When I invited her for the series she took no time to decide and asked me when can she send me the post. I took more time to come out from the state of disbelief, re reading her confirmation mail again & again and to let the euphoria of featuring Deeba in AFBHLS sink in 🙂

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[31 Aug 2011 | 19 Comments | ]
Healthy Quinoa Salad with Feta & Tomato – AFBHLS Guest Post by Simone

Hello friends, its time to bring in another awesome food blogger for AFBHLS series on Lite Bite. And this time it is multi talented & friendly Simone from Jungle Frog Cooking , a photographer by profession and a food blogger by choice. If her simple yet engaging posts will force you to read the whole recipe word by word then her tempting food pictures will literally make you eat your screen 🙂 “But why this unusual name for a food blog” the curious me asked. “There is no hidden secrets behind it, just that I like frogs and started my company Jungle Frog Images much before my food blog and since then Jungle Frog Cooking it is” she replied as a matter of fact.

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[8 Aug 2011 | 32 Comments | ]
Awesome Food Bloggers Healthy Living Secrets – Andalusian Garden Gazpacho and a Guest Post by Annapet

The AFBHLS series is opening up new pathways for me to interact and make some wonderful foodie friends from across the globe. The number of mails and DM’s on Twitter that we exchange could be a good parameter to judge how cordial relationship the food blogger community share among each other. The enthusiasm with which all of them readily share some of their most precious moments of life & ways of healthy living in spite of their busy schedule is commendable.

Time to bring in another Awesome Food Blogger with Their Healthy-Living Secrets, and this time it is a gorgeous lady Annapet from ‘The Daily Food Palette’.

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[24 Jul 2011 | 37 Comments | ]
Awesome Food Bloggers and Their Healthy-Living Secrets –  Spaghetti with Eggplant, Basil, & Breadcrumbs and a Guest Post from Faith

From seducing your taste buds and letting your gastronomic juices overflow to enticing you with those delectable recipes on their blogs, they have done all this and more for long. And just when you thought you were going strong this time with your diet plans they make you go weak on your knees with those stunning food pictures of multi layered double cream frosted chocolate cake on their blog.

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