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[2 Nov 2017 | One Comment | ]
Recipe | Beetroot Millet Rotis & Panchkuti Dal – Of  food, lunchboxes and childhood memories..

Food is not about impressing people. It’s about making them feel comfortable.” Ina Garten

I don’t remember my lunch time in preschool or nursery days but I do have a vivid memory of it during my elementary school.

Mom was a working woman and as usual morning time used to be very hectic at home. She would cook breakfast & lunch for me and my brother and pack our dabbas before leaving for office at 8am.

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[2 Nov 2017 | No Comment | ]
Recipe & Food Styling | Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Priceless childhood memories, some great friends, good food and endless time spent on Fatehsagar… these are the memories which make life sweeter.

Come winter and makki and bajre ki roti become staple food for us. Mom will make a huge batch of fresh vegetable pickle using mustard oil. We used to run out of house the day she would heat oil to makes this pickle. The strong pungent smell of mustard oil was hard on our nose.

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[6 Sep 2015 | One Comment | ]
Recipe | Pumpkin Pickle

Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!” ~ Gaiman.

I received a huge parcel which carried two beautiful cook books ‘Cafe Spice‘ and ‘Silk Road‘ published by Tuttle publications sometime back.

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[7 Apr 2012 | 27 Comments | ]
Recipe | Fresh Turmeric & Gum berry Pickle – Two Unusual Spicy Treats from a Colorful Indian State

A pickle is to any meal what a smile is to a beautiful woman, both enhance the subject perfectly! If you happen to be in the colorful state of Rajasthan in India, your meal is incomplete without extra spoonfuls of ghee (clarified butter) and a dash of spicy pickle served by your generous host. Not to forget the yummy ghee laden sweets to wind up your hearty meal.

Pickled fenugreek seeds, Ker Sangari, Gum Berry, Athana green chilly, fresh whole green peas and the list of such unusual ingredients to make pickles is endless. Each pickle is unique for the spice mix that goes in it, by the way it is prepared or for the ingredients used to make it. Some of the food ingredients used to make these pickles are indigenous to Rajasthan and is difficult to get in other parts of India.

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[3 Sep 2011 | 36 Comments | ]
A Few Healthy Pickle Recipes – Green Chili Pepper with Chickpea Flour and Spices

Oh yes..you read it right..these are healthy pickle recipes infused with flavorful spices, less oil and packed with the goodness of green chili peppers! Rich in vitamin A & C, high in anti oxidants, low in fats & cholesterol the green chillies boast of many minerals as well.

What…not interested..Hmm..then these two pickle recipes will surely make you crave for green chili pepper! Very common in most parts of Rajasthan in India, these pickles are a savior recipe for many (including me) to serve those unexpected hungry guests 🙂 So at any point of time you could find these two things in my refrigerator, a fresh coriander leaf chutney and this green chilly pickle.

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