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[7 Oct 2011 | 35 Comments | ]
Eggless Wholewheat Bread – An Indian Sweet Turned Into a Healthy Bake

The last few months in a year are my favorite, for the festivity it brings along with and for giving a reason to indulge in good food. The only grudge it leaves is the piles of sweet boxes from friends, work place & relatives, most of which are over sweet, artificially colored, and are loaded with Transfat.

Last week hubby got a huge box of colorful exotic Indian sweets from his work place. After disposing off most of the goodies to my maid I was left with half a kilo of this fresh creamy and scrumptious milk sweet (sweet Khoya in Hindi or Paal gova in Tamil) which my children liked and could not stop licking spoonfuls of it. But soon they got bored and the sweet was left struggling for space in my refrigerator. This is when I thought of baking a bread out of it, as baking requires very less fat and is a more healthier option, and am glad that I did it. I liked the very distinct taste of caramelized and slightly burnt milk in this recipe , and felt a sense of achievement when I turned a sinful Indian sweet into a healthy treat 🙂

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[21 Aug 2011 | 72 Comments | ]
No-Knead Oatmeal Bread with Fresh Tomato Soup – A Light and Refreshing Dinner

Nothing can beat a homemade wholegrain bread and a cup of hot veggie soup for a cozy weekend family dinner. Normally weekends are reserved for going out and dinning at places where we can do a little bit of window shopping and let the kids indulge in play areas. Incessant rain marred our Saturday plans and we decided to stay put. This is when the idea to bake a fresh wholegrain bread with fresh veggie soup came across.

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[1 Aug 2011 | 49 Comments | ]
Banana, Oatmeal & Wholewheat Bread – A Healthy Breakfast Loaf

On any normal day my freezer stock more overripe and blackened bananas than ice cubes, more so because I like baking with bananas and love banana smoothies as a filling breakfast treat and always end up buying extra for the same. This Eggless Banana & Oatmeal Wholewheat Bread was yet another extremely moist and delightful bake for our Sunday breakfast. Since I did not get time to de frost the banana in the morning, I grated the banana and was happy to see a fluffy and evenly baked bread. Grated frozen banana did the magic here!

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[23 May 2011 | 46 Comments | ]
Wholewheat Spicy Buns Baked in Leaves and A Walk in The Past

Foods that we grow up eating and places we visit with friends and parents when young, makes us nostalgic and brings back childhood memories. Holidaying at my maternal home is the time me and my kids look forward to year after year. A daily ritual of morning walk to the lakeside, playing in the beautiful gardens scattered all around my house and freaking out on all those lip smacking tangy snacks on roadside, life is bliss!

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[30 Apr 2011 | 73 Comments | ]
Garlic Focaccia – A Scrumptious Bread with Grape Tomatoes and Herbs

On a normal day my cooking starts with the main dish and then clubbing the same with the accompaniments according to the taste and cuisine. But there are times I cook in reverse gear too 🙂 that is to plan for the accompaniment first and then look out for the main dish to go along with it. This scrumptious Italian bread Focaccia is one such recipe I planned & baked after my whole lentil and mint soup was ready. Quite easy to bake this loaf was my obvious choice, since it takes less rising time than any other yeast breads. And having grape tomatoes in hand added the extra zing to the final baked loaf.

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[27 Apr 2011 | 46 Comments | ]
Mango & Banana Bread – Season’ First Mango Bake

Mango fever is catching up slowly, what with the markets adorned with these plump and juicy yellow fruits filling up spaces in most of the fruit shops. Though the exotic ones are yet to appear on the shelves, the local mango varieties which are not as flavorful and sweet as the former, are happily bridging up the gap. Bought my first crop of sweet and juicy mangoes of this season yesterday. After devouring the king of fruits to the heart’ ful, wanted to bake something with the rest. Moist and extremely flavorful, this Mango and banana loaf is very soft & supple with a yellow tint and subtle taste of mangoes in it.

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[22 Feb 2011 | 56 Comments | ]
A Bread, a Brownie and Wonderful Zucchini All The Way!

Sometimes simple things in life can bring in windfall gains and mine came through the wonderful vegetable Zucchini I bought this weekend. Yes, this small veggie got transformed into three different delectable dishes for my family last Sunday. A bread, a brownie and a few pancakes. Thought of posting all together but then restrained myself doing the same, as the post will become too long and will be difficult to categorize all. So here are the two Zucchini delights for you to indulge in…a bread and a brownie. Don’t miss out on the easy & quick breakfast of Zucchini savory pancakes.

The plain Zucchini bread with no other flavors and very less of sugar tasted very good and was liked by me and my hubby. The chocolate in the brownies marred the flavors and taste of the veggie but anyway became a hit with my kids 🙂

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[17 Feb 2011 | 43 Comments | ]
Cinnamon rolls – A Healthy Twist with Palm Sugar, honey and walnuts

Cinnamon rolls are a very common breakfast feast in many European counties. A soft and flavorful yeast bun/roll I would love to munch upon any time of the day. Though the lazy & the busy will find it a bit tough nut to crack, which includes me too 🙂 As the resting hours are really intimidating and test your patience levels to the full! But the end results are sure to make you ecstatic.

To make these cinnamon rolls loaded with nutrients I added Palm sugar instead of the regular white sugar. Honey, walnuts, cinnamon and wholewheat are the other contestants fighting for their place in the health chart of these cinnamon rolls. Palm sugar gave a very caramelized and lovely flavors to the rolls.

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[27 Dec 2010 | 39 Comments | ]
Stollen-An Egg less Tea Time Bread

Stollen is a bread like fruit cake baked with yeast, flour and dried fruits and nuts in it. This is a wonderful Tea time snack and a great breakfast treat which is quite easy to make. It stays good for many days and is extremely flavorful with loads of citrus zests, candid peels and spices in it.

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[22 Nov 2010 | 45 Comments | ]
Baking butterflies….and a Perfect Eggless Orange Loaf

It just struck to me that I have not posted any bread recipes using the yeast till date. The first time I baked a bread was way back in 1984 during my 10th board exams. I wanted to divert myself to something more exciting and appealing than the boring and lifeless formulas and equations of chemistry 🙂 And bread making was one such area.

I did bake a bread and my mom took it to her office and asked (or forced, should I say) everyone to taste and pass on the comments to me. I came to know much later that while I passed in good colors in my board exams, my bread sank 🙁

Still whenever I bake a bread I have butterflies in my stomach. More often I opt for baking my breads with leavening agents (baking soda) which is much easier and quicker, rather than baking with yeast.

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