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[27 Jan 2012 | 31 Comments | ]
Strawberry Scones for Breakfast – A Scrumptious Way to Start Your Day

Strawberry is a fruit which brings smile to my face and saliva in my mouth ever time I see a pack in my supermarket. I just love the sight of these vibrant looking, dimpled chin Strawberries wearing curly green caps. As soon as I get my hands on them I start visualizing what will I be making with them…(if there remains some).

When I saw Scones on the Daring Baker challenge of this month by Audax, I knew exactly what I will be using my little babies for. And what a wonderful treat these Strawberry scones are to have it on my breakfast table!

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[1 Jul 2011 | 29 Comments | ]
Wholewheat & Cornmeal Goji Berry Scones – A Healthy Treat

“Madam we have a few exciting and new organic products on shelf this month” greeted the man in the shop. “Thanks shall check it out” was my quick & meek reply to the much baffled salesman and he understood that I wanted to be left alone during one of my monthly visits to the health stores nearby.

Never did I know that I was in for a surprise, yes I spotted Goji Berries! I looked at the salesman who was probably a bit upset with my reply and smiled. Yes, I am holding one of the most nutritious and powerful super foods in the world – Goji Berries!

And from the day I got my hands on these wonder foods, I am on a ‘Goji spree’. It is as if I want to make up for all that I lost for so many years without these berries.

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[7 Jun 2011 | 45 Comments | ]
Oatmeal and Banana Scones – Perfect Way to a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast recipes cease to change in many households due to lack of time or inability to adapt to new tastes. If it is traditional Indian flat breads or Parathas all year long in my mom’s place, Idlies or steamed rice cakes adorns the breakfast table in my In-laws house. To break the monotony I started introducing various grains and fruits in baking along with various healthy breakfast recipes immediately after my marriage. Today we all enjoy to feast on our breakfast of Muesli crumble, Ragi pancakes, barley scones or granola bars with the same enthusiasm.

Oatmeal never tasted that great before!” is the comment from my son after having a bite of these Oatmeal and banana scones 🙂

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[8 Mar 2011 | 47 Comments | ]
Eggless Barley & Raisin Scones – A Scrumptious Breakfast to Start Your Day With!

I had my first shot of Barley when my mom thought I needed extra energy to pep up myself after my pregnancy. And Barley water used to be the regular alongside the loads of other tasteless, bitter and weired food on my plate 🙁 Never thought I would develop a liking for this grain. Thanks to internet I am loving it all over again!

My pantry now proudly displays this wonder grain and my breakfast table is always filled with a few dishes from it,  Barley flavored water being the most common amongst all.  And to add a few more flavors in my cooking, got a mail from the editors of a famous social site for Indian blogs BlogAdda that my blog Lite Bite is being featured on their Home page 🙂 Motivating indeed..

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[10 Oct 2010 | 59 Comments | ]
Eggless Healthy Garlic Scones…err…Quick Bread
Scones…quick bread…savory cookies? ‘Whats’ in a name!’ For, what could be more satisfactory than a quick and easy to make tea time snack which is healthy too.
With the goodness of wholewheat, curds, oats and garlic these cute goodies are one of my favorites. And my kids loved to help me out in rolling and giving shapes to these Garlic scones. The caterpillars in the baking tray are their creations 🙂
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