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Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you and be silent. ”
― Epictetus

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Welcome to Lite Bite!

I am Sanjeeta kk, author of this blog. A going-to-be fifty soon mom with a bucketful of dreams and a ray of hope to fulfill them some day.

I wasn’t a tough kid; I was always intrigued by the fascinating world of art and food during my childhood days. I would sketch endlessly and spend hours fiddling with spices in my mom’s kitchen.

Lack of opportunities, higher studies and work life put a hold on the things I loved doing. Well, I was not a tough kid and did not want to disappoint my parents then.

Marriage happened in 1996, and life got busy managing two children and a beautiful home for the next 10 years.

Keep the fire burning; But one thing that never stopped was recipe jottings from magazines, trying out new recipes and doing activities which kept me bonded with my first love – Food.

It took me years to break free from the shackles of the procrastination to follow my passion. The journey was not smooth for this forty plus mom who was neither a tech savvy nor a gadget lover.

But then, as they say, ‘a person can succeed in almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.’

And then Lite Bite happened; I started to dabble in the world of art and food once again through my blog Lite Bite in 2009.

I found this platform a perfect ‘place to string the beads of happiness together and keep my passion alive’. Sharing small moments and stories of my life through my food and pictures made me happier.

Food for sure is nostalgic, comforting & an important factor to connect with people and make community. And I now have an amazing list of intellectual and creative online friends from across the world to boast.

Seeking out new challenges; ‘Happiness consists in activities’ and I soon found myself dabbling in amateur content writing and learning the technicalities behind maintaining a blog. As I strolled along creating new recipes and trying out the old favorites I found new challenges in terms of digital photography and creative food styling.

food styling and photography

Pic courtesy; Karuna Karan

From managing this food blog, I gradually moved on to do food styling for many popular brands and television commercials in Chennai.

Yes, I am living my dream every single day.

My hands are full; sometimes I feel that pursuing one’s passion is a luxury you cannot afford to indulge in everyday.

There are times when hectic lifestyle, family commitments and responsibility towards bringing up my children keep my passion at bay.  And struggle I do every day to fit my passion into my life, but that does not deter me from pursuing my dreams any less.

So here is this inquisitive mommy donning the roles of a  full time cook, amateur writer, novice photographer, fledgling food stylist at different times for this blog Lite Bite, apart from being a doting wife managing two hyperactive children at home….yes, my hands are full now.

And life is interesting….

FAQ about Lite Bite.

1. What is Lite Bite?

Lite Bite is not just about writing recipes, its about how I perceive life around food.

My quest for egg free baking and healthy cooking is extensively shared though all my recipes on Lite Bite. I like to share stories behind the origin of most of my recipes which are easy and accessible. Homemade, unprocessed and healthy food is what I strive for each day.

This blog shares vegetarian recipesegg less baking and low cal festive desserts which are easy and might help many who are short on time yet value their health. The recipes on Lite Bite may not be conventionally healthy but most of the recipes use less fat, more wholegrain, more veggies and are packed with extra nutritional punch.


2. Who is Sanjeeta kk?

A plain Jane who completed her masters in business management & economics when Robert Clive ruled India 🙂  Those degrees were put to good use in corporate world before settling for marital bliss. Born in rustic Rajasthan and married in traditional Tamil Nadu, she now appreciates the cuisine, culture and customs of these two states of India.

She also blogs at Different Strokes about her rambling on food, life and her travel experiences.
Caught quipping: Thanks for taking out time and testing your patience reading my about page.  I would love to hear from you. Your comments, emails and feedback will make the experience more enjoyable. And do keep coming often.

Email: sklitebite (at) yahoo.in

You can find me on the following social media platforms at the links given below;

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  • Shobana said:

    Wow! the new look of the website is great. Welcome drink seems really welcoming to your site.
    Keep it going Girl!

  • Kumar said:

    Excellent way to follow healthy diet with litebite in this fast food culture

    it will be upcoming site

  • Raji said:

    Excellent work 🙂 I wish you and Litebite a wonderful rewarding journey 🙂 When are you going to publish your book 😉 ??


  • Prasad said:

    Sanjeetha keep it up. i am also member of your site. daily i will look for new recipes.very happy. my heartful wishes from me and banu.

  • Mohan said:

    Interesting and good to have known you… Look forward to see delight delicacies!

  • Deepa said:

    Must say you have had a great start to your site venture, with an awesome display of these mouthwatering & delectable cuisines ; yet retaining the singular objective of your site – Healthy living, much in line with the hackeneyed expression “Health is Wealth”.

    Wishing you the very best…

  • DK said:

    Just visited your blog. Many interesting recipes you have in there and I fully appreciate your effort in keeping it healthy and lite. I have added your blog to my blogroll.

    Happy Blogging and do keep in touch 🙂

  • Rachana Shakyawar said:

    Hi Sanjeeta,

    It is really wonderful to see how passionate you are for food/cuisines and right kind of ingredients. We will definitely learn a lot from you and ways of cooking!!
    ~ Indeed Sharing is Caring!

    Do visit our blog again.. and leave your comments for improvement and enrichment of site and food/dish!
    For now we are following your esteem site and will also follow your recipes in our smoky kitchen 🙂

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  • Pankaj Batra said:

    Hey Sanjeeta,
    Nice to see your site.
    I love all type of food and travelling. Your blog will help me experimenting new things.

  • Siri said:

    It feels so good to know you Sanjeeta. It was as if you were talking to me one-on-one. Glad to discover your site. will sure be here often. 😀


  • drparuljainaggarwal said:

    hey!!! keep on going and live ur dreams…that will really help me also in my kitchen…!!!
    and may my husband and daughter…become my fans!!!
    nice to discover that ur hosting it!!!

  • Cindy Collins said:

    Hello Sanjeeta,

    Thank you for your note about the mix up on CookEatShare. I just wrote them about it and hopefully it will all be taken care of soon.

    Thanks for let me know about it! Nice blog you have here!

    Cindy Collins

  • joshna said:

    Hey Sanjeeta,

    The new look you have given to your site is very impressive.It was quite interesting reading all the info you have shared with us. It reminded me of the enthusiasm you share when it come to finding out what goes into a particular dish you like. Keep up the great work and keep sharing your experiences. It definitely makes a good read.

    Keep up the great work.


  • FOODESSA said:

    Your incredible, creative and dedicated passions of the arts, food and everything else in between rang very true with me. I also have an array of interests that find themselves within this wondrous range and that is why I started my culinary journey ;o)
    Sanjeeta…I’m very glad you first found me on CES and now went seeking me out on FOODESSA…because at least now I can make sure to come and visit you regularly on such a well thought and put together web site.

    Pleasure to get to know you further and flavourful wishes,

  • deeba said:

    You have a wonderful site Sanjeeta.

  • Orlando @ Honeywell said:

    Nice Job – recomended by Ramesh M. – nice job ill be aregular at your site, keep the good work – greetings from Mexico.


  • Adelina said:

    What a beautiful story! I am sure just like me, you felt a foreigner in your own country, by marrying so far, both distance-wise and tradition!
    Excellent blog and recipes! Keep it up!

  • sangeeta said:

    It was nice to know about you Sanjeeta !!

  • KIRTI said:

    hi sanjeeta,
    would love to join u for several reasons n i think both of us share a lot in common!!

    Sanjeeta kk: Welcome Kirti!

  • Poonam said:

    Awesome site!!! Keep the recipes coming!


  • shailen said:

    nice site,
    i know where to turn for recepie when i want to court my wife.

  • sanjeeta kk (author) said:

    Thanks Shailen for being here.

  • Shobana said:

    Great blog and good knowing you by reading this page.. Pl keep up the great work!

  • Mina Joshi said:

    Hi Sangeetha

    Great site.

    I sent you my recipe for Chakris. Hope you received it.


  • Biny Anoop said:

    Forty is just a number when it comes to you…i thnk I have met a person who age can’t have any effect on ….great to read abt you…looking great as well…Keep on blogging for all of us here.
    Biny Anoop

  • Veena said:

    Well written, and a wonderful kitchen

  • Gopika said:

    Sanjeeta, you have an awesome collection of recepies. I love your blog and will be a regular member from now on. I have a lil’ blog of mine too. I am just a budding cook. Do go through my blog when you find some time. 🙂

  • Spice said:

    Enjoyed reading your About page Sanjeeta.
    Spice recently posted..ICC World Cup 2011 Game Day Menu – Bhaturas &amp a Cake to ShareMy Profile

  • Anita Menon said:

    You have a beautiful blog and what makes it extra special is, you stress on “healthy”
    Heading over to your recipe index to bookmark some of those awesome dishes..

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  • Michael said:

    Thanks Sanjeeta – Recently discovered your awesome blog. We love Indian food, especially cooked at home. From my travels to Bengaluru and outskirts, I’ve grown to appreciate more the earthy textures and spicy flavours of Indian cooking. I look forward to trying out your recipes.
    Michael recently posted..Caprese Salad – Tossed (Insalata Caprese)My Profile

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  • Mary said:

    Hi Sanjeeta! I was pleased to discover your blog today, you’ve built up quite a big catalog of healthy vegetarian recipes. My husband and I love vegetarian cooking, Indian food and all things Indian. We were lucky to be able to visit India (including Rajasthan) a few years ago and were amazed by the incredible hospitality of our friends there. I know I’ll be back to your blog soon for a taste of India.
    Mary recently posted..Baked Brown Rice PuddingMy Profile

  • Raji said:

    Hey Sanjeeta

    I like this new updated “About me” page..
    When ever I get bored/tired of cooking , I turn to ur site! Instantly am motivated to cook for my family again 🙂
    Thanks a lot for litebite..
    Please start a toddler section as my little one turns out to be a fussy eater !


  • Anamika@madcookingfusions said:

    Hey Sanjeeta, thank you for visiting my space, I have always loved the way you depict the passion in your cooking and focus on healthy eating :). I have been following you from a while now and feel lots to learn from you :).

  • Priti said:

    Hi there! I thought I should mention it here that you don’t look like 40+ mom! 🙂 I just came across your blog, my..my..it just freaked me out,loved that food styling section the most. And your recipes are mouth watering, though am not too much into cooking I will surely try out your dishes coz it’s instigating me to do so..Thanks for such a lovely and healthy litebite. 🙂

  • Swapna said:

    Hi Sanjeeta,
    Loved reading about you…and your healthy recipes 🙂
    Swapna recently posted..10 min Eggplant stir fryMy Profile

  • SRS said:

    Glad to have found your site – am a baking novice myself! and I simply love the eggess recipes u have here. My parents and husband would love such dishes!am definitely trying some of them when I get some time

  • Mala said:

    Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! Great recipes 🙂

  • Shirley said:

    Loved reading about you ,and your blog has very interesting and unique recipes .I am a baking fanatic and love trying new recipes and have been trying to start a Blog for the longest while.My obstacle is photography . Just cant click good pictures that will present my recipes.
    looking foward to more delish LITE BITES !!!

  • Rekha Vaz said:

    Hi sangeetha..
    Love the recipes.. Will try out few recipes n give u d feedback.. Just reading abt u made me think abt myself.. The passion I have abt food,creative art and photography is same as yours. I’m also a mother with hectic work at home. You have given me a hope of starting something of my passion. Thanks for that.

  • Ramya sekar said:

    Hi Sanjeeta,

    I loved the way u portrayed your ownself. Vl try ur eggless baking and vl let u know the comments, as i am just into my baking world and have just started my cooking blog. Thanks and feel great that i found your litebites. Wish u more and more success in ur endeavours.
    Ramya sekar recently posted..Masala PaniyaramMy Profile

  • Siri said:

    Great work sanjeetha loved ur blog

  • Mahalakshmi S said:

    Your recipe really inspired me to cook varieties of food and build up creative recipes..:)

  • Manita Casshyap said:

    Hi Sanjeeta
    Wonderful and very interesting blog about food that is healthy,nutritional,traditional, experimental and exceptional.The styling is very unique and the pictures are awesome. Congratulations to you.
    Manita Casshyap

  • Manju @ Manju'sEatingDelights said:

    Hi Sanjeeta,
    I came here from Rekha’s Tasty Curry and you ladies are simply rocking. Your passion, professionalism and maturity that your bring in to your blog, recipes and photography is so inspiring. I’m a newbie blogger with a full time job and a 2yr old toddler and I too love everything abt Food, so one fine day I decided to blog as well. It’s been a thrillign experience so far and I’m so happy to know such talents like you.
    Will keep in touch.

    Manju @ Manju’sEatingDelights recently posted..Indian style fresh Cucumber chaatMy Profile

  • Anitha said:

    Hi Sanjeeta,

    It gives me immense pleasure to nominate you for the “Shine On” award.. Its needless for me to mention how much I enjoy your recipe’s, your food photography & the props… 🙂 Your success says all the stories.. & I’m truely inspired by you.. I have been following your blog from the time I set eyes on it.. & I had left you a comment…

    Keep rocking the blogging world with your super awesome recipe’s.. 🙂


  • Monika said:

    Hi Sanjeeta
    I came across your blog by accident. oh boy.. I’m so glad I did. I’m from Delhi and now settled in the US. Your Panch daal recipe from Rajasthan caught my attention. My father, who was born & raised in Rajasthan was visiting mee at that time. I followed your recipe and cooked the daal for him. He was ecstatic and loved it. Needless to say, I became a fan since. I love your simple recipes and easy food styling. I look forward to your recipes. Though I haven’t had much of a chance to cook a lot but your recipes are sure enticing.
    I want to take this opportunity to wish you & your wonderful family.. A very Happy New Year!
    Wishing you the best..
    Happy cooking

  • sanjeeta kk (author) said:

    @Monika, thanks for your feedback. Glad to know that you and your family liked the Panchmel Daal you tried from Lite Bite.
    Happy New year and my best wishes to you!

  • Rajeshwari Kamath said:

    Dear Sangeeta,

    You have a amazing blog . Your blog posts ( writing as well as photography) are awesome and at a different level . You are truly an inspiration for beginners like me.


  • lakshmi said:

    Hi I chanced across your site as I was searching n searching for eggless baking with wheat flour, found a treasure in yours!
    I have already tried three recipes from last week and those were a hit. Thank you so much for sharing such nutritious baking!

  • sanjeeta kk (author) said:

    @Lakshmi, My pleasure. Glad that the eggless baking section is of help to you. Happy baking!

  • roopa said:

    Good website dear

  • Srividya Srikanth said:

    Great going Sanjeeta…
    The blog is truly awesome.
    You are an inspiration for all those ’40+ moms’ dreaming their dream would come true some day.
    Good luck…

  • Vidhya said:

    Hi Sanjeeta,
    Very inspiring a personality you are. I read ur interview ‘road not taken’ as well, loved reading it. And putting it all together I can relate myself a lot to ur past and I wish i head on as u do. Thank you for being an inspiration.

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